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        1. Laboratory grinding apparatus|reaction kettle leader - wuzhou ding chong (Beijing) technology co., LTD

          Safe and durable technology equipment
          Laboratory grinding apparatus|reaction kettle leader - wuzhou ding chong (Beijing) technology co., LTD
          Safety and durability of science and technology
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          DC series of laboratory high-pressure reactor

          Instrument Description:
          Non-stirred reactor is mainly used in chemical and materials research does not require mixing experiments, can be equipped with pressure gauges, inlet valve, release valve, bottom tube, thermocouple and process inlet and so on.
          Wuzhou Ding Chong DC series reactor characteristics:
          1, the new fastening structure:
          In the conventional flange fastening reactor, all the bolts of the reaction kettle should be completely unscrewed during the preparation of the test. After the reaction materials are added, they need to be re-screwed and tightened again. Single screw open the kettle and seal the process need to turn a dozen laps, each reactor has multiple bolts, the test process time-consuming and laborious.
          Our reactor with a half-ring-type fast-opening fastening structure. Compared with the traditional institutions, each test needs to open the kettle, just loosen the screw around a circle can be easily removed from the side of the ring, quickly open the reactor.
          The tightening process is also simple and effortless. And each holding ring bolt pressure on the role of the lower ring, ring ring and then pressed the kettle head, so that the power of bolts can be evenly distributed to the kettle head. The traditional flange structure to ensure uniform force on the fastening force and the diagonal tightening sequence has strict requirements on the operation of the operator's skill requirements are relatively high, a little careless will lead to leakage of the reactor and re-tight seal .
          2, small space double-line seal structure:
          Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) as an excellent corrosion-resistant materials are widely used in the sealing part of the instrument, but itself in 250 degrees will produce cold flow deformation.
          In order to overcome this contradiction, our company uses precision processing of small space double-line sealing technology, the cauldron and kettle sealing gap control in a very small range, PTFE deformation at high temperatures, but the joint gap is too small PTFE can not deform cold To the outside of the sealing groove, only in the tank internal deformation expansion, so that the reactor to further enhance the sealing, and in the cauldron and kettle body sealing surface processing V-type sealing groove, increasing the sealing area. The final realization of the sealing surface in the specified temperature, the higher the temperature the better sealing performance.
          3, no dead space Bottom tube:
          Laboratory-level reaction samples are generally small and expensive. So the experimental equipment on the accuracy of the experimental results and the impact of funding is obvious. Such as the addition of liquid materials, the wall is a relatively prominent problem. Our DC series of non-stirred reactor tube through the bottom tube into the reactor, there is no intermediate adapter leading to the dead space. If the inlet into a ball valve, you can in the middle of the reaction through the syringe directly into the kettle into the material. Suitable for the addition of trace reactants.
          4, strict selection:
          Material durability and safety of the reactor is essential, our company uphold the concept of safe and durable, all non-stirred tank main parts are made of high quality stainless steel. Which standard valve fittings are imported brands, increase the use of reliability.
          5, security:
          All non-stirred tank pressure relief valve comes standard, you can set the maximum use of pressure. Ensure the safe use of the reactor.

                  6, the flexibility of matching and customization: Optional WZC100 type mixing heating controller, control the internal temperature and stirring. (Please refer to the relevant color page) All reactors are acceptable to customers personalized customization.
          Main models are DC-25, DC-50, DC-100, DC-250, DC-500, DC-1000