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        1. Laboratory grinding apparatus|reaction kettle leader - wuzhou ding chong (Beijing) technology co., LTD

          Safe and durable technology equipment
          Laboratory grinding apparatus|reaction kettle leader - wuzhou ding chong (Beijing) technology co., LTD
          Safety and durability of science and technology
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          WZBM series of mechanicalmagnetic stirring parallel reactor

          Instrument Description:
          WZBM series of space-saving mechanical magnetic reactor, WZB series is a parallel reaction combination. Equipped with pressure gauge, intake valve, release valve, bottom tube, thermocouple and process inlet
          Wuzhou Ding Chong WZB series of laboratory reaction kettle high-pressure reactor Features:
          1, save space:
          WZB series of laboratory reactor, the space is only 30 * 40cm. Reactor demolition, installation, the first place the kettle, kettle body placed in this space can be operated. Greatly reducing the laboratory site requirements. Can be placed in a conventional fume hood.
          2, with the intake panel to install the valve:
          The left side of the reactor can be equipped with inlet valve, for the parallel reactor with independent gas. The right side with the kettle head placed bracket, easy to disassemble when the kettle head
          3, no dead space bottom tube and bottom filter:
          Laboratory-level reaction samples are generally small and expensive. So the experimental equipment on the accuracy of the experimental results and the impact of funding is obvious. Such as the addition of liquid materials, the wall is a relatively prominent problem. Our DC series of laboratory reactor high-pressure reactor with bottom tube straight into the kettle, in the middle without any adapter lead to the dead space. If the inlet into a ball valve, you can in the middle of the reaction through the syringe directly into the kettle into the material. Suitable for the addition of trace reactants. And optional bottom tube filter, filter 5-10um solid catalyst or particles.
          4, strict selection:
          Material durability and safety of the reactor is essential, our company uphold the concept of safe and durable, all non-stirred tank main parts are made of high quality stainless steel. Which standard valve fittings are imported brands, increase the use of reliability.
          5, security:
          All laboratory reactor autoclave standard pressure relief valve, you can set the maximum use of pressure. Ensure the safe use of the reactor.
          6, the flexibility of matching and customization:
          The company WZB seriesstirred reactor can be customized to accept the customer'spersonalized.
          Themain models are WZB-25, WZB-50, WZB-100, WZB-250, WZB-500 and WZB-1000. Other specifications accept customization.