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        1. Laboratory grinding apparatus|reaction kettle leader - wuzhou ding chong (Beijing) technology co., LTD

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          Laboratory grinding apparatus|reaction kettle leader - wuzhou ding chong (Beijing) technology co., LTD
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          Multifunctional High-throughput tissue Ball Mill 
               QM100 multi-functional and efficient milling instrument is designed to handle small samples and laboratory-developed products. Not only suitable for fine grinding and fine grinding of the hardness, the hardness and brittleness of the sample, but also for soft, elastic, fibrous materials. 
          QM100 ball mill crushing and grinding device can be of many materials, including fibrous tissue, bone, hair, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, minerals, ores, alloys, glass, ceramics, soil, sludge, cereal grains, plastics, textiles, including. For most materials, it requires only several tens of kinds of time can reach the sample grinding, mixing, homogenization purposes. 
          QM100 milling instrument can simultaneously two 0.2 to 20 ml of sample grinding, mixing and homogenizing, and for cell disruption, you can simultaneously operate up to 10-192 samples. Because QM100 milling meter run efficiently, samples can be processed in a very short period of time and will not have a significant warming. Therefore, most of the materials can be ground, mixed at room temperature. In addition, QM100 milling instrument is particularly suitable for the extraction of biological cell wall and DNA / RNA, and to provide specialized suitable for cryogenic grinding jar and matching accessories. 
          ■ agriculture - cereals, oil seeds, soil, tobacco, wood ■ Food - animal feed, cheese, fruit 
          ■ biology - bones, hair, plant and animal tissues 
          ■ Environmental Studies - fertilizers, electronic waste, sludge 
          ■ Mineral Metallurgy - alloys, coal, ore 
          ■ Chemicals and Plastics 
          ■ Ceramics and Glass 
          Features Benefits 
          ■ fast, efficient grinding and homogenizing, grinding time is short, fast sample preparation for XRF analysis can 
          ■ Sample processing capacity, dual tanks grinding, polishing and provides for high throughput biological samples 
          ■ grinding time and the vibration frequency can be set and displayed by a digital grinding highly repeatable results 
               ■ A variety of different materials, grinding jar volumes to choose from a wide range of applications 
             ■ No loss of wet grinding, unique can be tightened, sealed jar design 
               ■ Comfortable cryogenic grinding, heat-sensitive materials can be used for a long time without refrigeration process, liquid nitrogen consumption minimal 
             ■ efficient plant and animal cells and tissues broken or broken suspension cells, one can handle 10 or more samples 
          Technical indicators 
          List of Ball Mill technical indicators QM100 
          Model QM100 
          Function crushing, grinding, mixing, homogenization 
          Sample type hard, soft, brittle, elastic, water, fiber 
          * ≤8 mm feed size 
          Eventually the material size of about 5-10 microns * 
          Batch processing capacity * ≤2x20 ml 
          Conventional grinding time 1-3 minutes 
          Grinding way dry grinding, wet grinding, cryogenic grinding, grinding high-throughput 
          Jar number 2 
          Jar type cap cans (a variety of materials selection), perforated plate (PTFE) 
          Vibration frequency (digital setting) 60-1800 rev / min (1-30 Hz) 
          Grinding time (digital setting) 1 seconds -99 minutes 59 seconds 
          Power of 250 watts 
          Width x height x depth 320 x240 x 450 毫米 
          Weight about 26 kg 
          * Depending on the sample type and instrument configuration vary 
                QM100 ball mills grinding jar is vibrated in a horizontal direction, driven by the inertia of the grinding balls are located in a high energy impact the inner arcuate surface of the sample material, so as to crush the grinding 
          Exercise and movement of the ball milling tank jar overlay, will be fully mixed samples. Mixing by using a plurality of small diameter grinding balls to be further improved. Ball milling using a plurality of small-diameter grinding can greatly improve the mixing of the sample. Biological cells can be by using a large number of small balls (e.g., glass beads) for cell disruption. Tremendous impact and friction between the ball and the cells can be achieved efficiently broken. 
            Professional design 
          ■ cryogenic grinding 
          By pre-frozen samples and grinding jar, QM100 can successfully grinding heat-sensitive and elastic material. Ceramic milling jar and agate is not frozen with liquid nitrogen, to prevent damage during grinding occurs. 
          Jar cap with a unique seal design, especially for cryogenic grinding. After milling its still a very good air-tightness until the temperature returned to room temperature again, can effectively prevent the moisture in the air condenses on the freezing of the sample, thus causing the steam to enter the results of the analysis sample and the interference. 
          ■ High-throughput grinding 
          QM100 can 2x5,2x10 or more of animal and plant tissues to identify effective and accurate fragmentation conditions (frequency and time), to provide a plurality of samples prepared with high reproducibility broken, high-quality results, and thus for the next DNA / RNA analysis process any plant or animal cell extracts to provide a reliable basis for analysis. This one features the completion of multiple samples broken not only guarantees reproducible results,, sample handling, and save time and improve the processing efficiency of the sample.