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        1. Laboratory grinding apparatus|reaction kettle leader - wuzhou ding chong (Beijing) technology co., LTD

          Safe and durable technology equipment
          Laboratory grinding apparatus|reaction kettle leader - wuzhou ding chong (Beijing) technology co., LTD
          Safety and durability of science and technology
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          Variable speed high-speed rotating machines splintered 
             GY100-speed rotary grinder suitable for soft, medium-hard, brittle and fibrous materials for rapid fine grinding process. Based on its high efficiency grinding technology and content-rich parts of the instrument can be carried out within a very short time a mild, non-polluting, high reproducibility of sample preparation, sample crushing cavity stranded only a very short time, so the sample itself nature is not the ideal choice for product testing and research and development process of the sample prior to the occurrence of changes in the sample preparation process, to ensure the credibility of the results of the analysis, quality control,. 
          ■ agriculture, such as cereals, oil seeds, medicine, tobacco, plant leaves 
          ■ food, such as feed, biscuits, cheese 
          ■ Environmental, electronic waste such as RoHS testing involved, garbage 
          ■ mining, such as coal, low hardness minerals, soil 
          ■ chemicals, such as plastics, rubber, catalyst particles 
              High-speed rotating grinding process grinding instrument for the realization of the cutting action between the periphery of the screen in a circle through the high-speed rotation of the rotary cutter and fixed. Samples can prevent splash back through the funnel fall on the high-speed rotation of the rotor blade. Due to the centrifugal force, toward the rotor external movements of the sample, the extension of the wedge-shaped rotor is located between the teeth of the rotor and have a strong impact to achieve the effect of grinding, while the rotary cutter and the shearing action between the sieve ring to produce a fine pulverization of the sample effect. Finally, filtered through the sieve ring samples collected in the instrument itself can either carry the collection plate, can also be filtered through a cyclone or a large-capacity paper bag collection. 
          Professional design 
          ■ Industrial PLC programmable logic control, reliable operation 
          ■ Three-phase AC motor with inverter control, powerful 
          ■ The control section and motor compartment completely isolated, effectively prevent dust pollution, easy maintenance 
          ■ Multiple security measures: 
              - Load display and overload alarm 
              - Motor protection functions stop openings 
          - After closing the cover automatically lock, double lock during operation 
          ■ LCD display, user-friendly interface: 
              - Can display speed, power percentage, load status 
              - You can set working hours, time off 
              - The instrument can run an error message prompting 
          Features Benefits 
          ■ gentle, efficient, fast grinding, good repeatability 
          ■ wide range of applications that can handle multiple sample types 
          ■ processing capacity, the autosampler can be configured to facilitate a large number of injections to facilitate the acquisition and large cyclone 
          ■ options and more, according to the needs of different types, sizes, materials, rotary cutter, sieve ring 
            ■ low noise, easy disassembly and cleaning 
            Technical indicators 
          ■ feed size: <10mm 
          ■ minimum of sample size: about 0.04mm, according to sieve rings and samples may be 
          ■ Capacity: 900mL (standard collection tray), select an additional collection bucket 5L 
          ■ Power: 1350W 
          ■ Speed??: 2000-18000RPM, stepless 
          ■ Operation: LCD screen can display the working status 
          ■ rotary cutter types: 12 teeth (standard), optional 24 teeth, etc. 
          ■ sieve ring types: 0.25mm, 0.5mm, 1.0mm, etc. 
          ■ Material: 316 stainless steel (standard), optional titanium material, etc. 
          ■ Dimensions (W * D * H): 460 * 330 * 470mm 
          ■ Weight: 43kg 
          ■ autosampler: power 30W, Dimensions (W * D * H) 350 * 220 * 250mm, weight 6kg 
          Free sample test 
          We are committed to providing customers with professional technical support, provide complete optimized sample pretreatment program, our application laboratory will be very happy to give you free sample processing and testing to ensure our customers and recommend the most appropriate instrument configuration.