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        1. Laboratory grinding apparatus|reaction kettle leader - wuzhou ding chong (Beijing) technology co., LTD

          Safe and durable technology equipment
          Laboratory grinding apparatus|reaction kettle leader - wuzhou ding chong (Beijing) technology co., LTD
          Safety and durability of science and technology
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          Online in-situ infrared detection reactor
          Equipment introduction:
          In-situ infrared refers to the use of infrared scanners to record microscopic changes in the reaction without moving in situ during the test reaction. In-situ infrared is mainly used to test the changes in the structure of functional groups during the reaction process, which can better simulate the experimental process and is very helpful for explaining the reaction mechanism. In terms of catalyst characterization, the principle of catalyst catalysis can be simulated.
          Product features:
          1. Temperature control detection: The intelligent controller can detect the temperature in the kettle and the temperature of the kettle wall at the same time, and carry out interlocking control. Any way exceeding the set value will not be heated.At the same time, the heating power can be set by itself, which effectively prevents the temperature overshoot. It is very suitable for experiments where the reaction temperature is lower than 180 degrees and some reactive substances that need to be restricted beyond the critical temperature that will explode or decompose. The equipment comes with 256 temperature program control sections.
          2. Powerful stirring: the use of powerful rare earth magnets, the stirring torque is greatly improved; the DC brushless motor can theoretically make the stirring life of more than 10 years without replacing the wearing parts; the speed can be set freely from 0-1000 rpm.
          3. Strict material selection: Integrated accessories are very important to the durability and reliability of the controller. Our company adheres to the concept of reliability and durability. The main components of the controller are all imported from joint venture brands or imported.
          4. Alarm system: An alarm will be triggered when the temperature or pressure exceeds a predetermined value, and the relevant alarm point will be displayed in red and flashing after the alarm. The controller has a built-in AC contactor, which controls the heating power switch, alarms and automatically stops heating at the same time. After interlocking control, the alarm can be restored manually after finding the cause of the fault after manual inspection (it can also be set to automatically restore heating), and a combustible gas alarm system can be selected.
          5. Modular heating design: Reaction kettles of different volumes can share the control chassis, and kettle bodies of the same outer diameter can share heaters, which greatly saves money; the heater shell is equipped with a special anti-scalding shield to prevent burns.
          6. Flexible selection and customization: optional gas alarm system, pressure display (control) module, cooling module, optional data communication cable and data acquisition software, etc.

          The company's experimental instruments are all independently developed and can be customized according to the actual requirements of customers.