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        1. Laboratory grinding apparatus|reaction kettle leader - wuzhou ding chong (Beijing) technology co., LTD

          Safe and durable technology equipment
          Laboratory grinding apparatus|reaction kettle leader - wuzhou ding chong (Beijing) technology co., LTD
          Safety and durability of science and technology
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          Equipment introduction:
              YB100S automatic mortar is suitable for fast fine crushing of soft, medium hard, brittle and fibrous materials. Based on its crushing technology and rich accessories, the instrument can perform gentle and highly reproducible sample preparation in a very short time. The sample only stays in the crushing chamber for a short time, so the nature of the sample itself will not be affected. It can guarantee credible analysis results and is an ideal choice for sample pre-processing in quality control, product testing, and scientific research and development.

          Application areas:
          Agriculture, such as grains, oil seeds, traditional Chinese medicine, tobacco, plant leaves.
          ■Food, such as feed, biscuits, cheese.
          ■Environment, such as electronic waste and garbage involved in RoHS testing.
          ■ Geology and minerals, such as coal, low-hardness ore, and soil.
          ■ Chemicals, such as plastics, rubber, and catalyst particles.

          Product features:
          Gentle, fast crushing, good repeatability; wide application range, can handle many kinds of samples.
          ■ Large processing capacity, can be equipped with autosampler and large-capacity cyclone separator, which is convenient for large-scale sample injection and collection.
          ■ There are many options, you can choose different types, sizes and materials of the rotary knife and sieve ring according to your needs.
          ■ The control part is isolated from the motor room to effectively prevent dust pollution and facilitate maintenance; low noise, easy disassembly and cleaning.
          ■ Industrial PLC programming logic control, reliable operation; three-phase AC motor with frequency conversion control, strong power.
          ■ Multiple protection measures: load display and overload protection alarm; the motor stops opening the cover protection function; the cover is automatically locked after it is closed, and it is double-locked during operation.
          ■ LCD display, humanized operation interface: It can display the speed, power percentage, and load status; it can set the working time and shut down at regular time; it can prompt the error information of the instrument operation

          Free sample testing:
               We are committed to providing customers with professional technical support and a complete set of optimized sample pretreatment solutions. Our application laboratory will be very happy to process and test samples for you free of charge, so as to ensure that we recommend suitable instruments and configurations for customers.