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          SF100 Automatic screening device

          SF100 vibrating screen is widely used in pharmaceutical, metallurgy, food, cosmetics, grain and other industries particle analysis, with simple operation, no rotating parts, electronic control amplitude and frequency advantages,
          Its performance indicators equivalent to the import brand shaker. Compared with the traditional manual screening, can greatly reduce the operator's labor intensity, improve labor efficiency, particle analysis industry is an essential laboratory filter.

          The use of the instrument environment and working conditions
          The normal use of the instrument environment should be 5 ℃ ~ 35 ℃, the relative temperature of not more than 80%
          · Use 220V, 50Hz AC power supply
          • The ground wire supplied to the instrument power supply must be reliable
          • Keep away from sources of high-intensity electromagnetic interference
          The technical parameters of the instrument
          · Use range: ≤325 mesh
          Vibration frequency: 3000 times / min, 6000 times / min
          * Amplitude selection: 0mm-3mm continuous adjustment
          · Vibration:
          1. Fine vibration
          .2 Intermittent vibration
          .3 continuous vibration
          Instrument weight: 20kg
          · Power supply: AC 220V ± 22V, 50Hz ± 1Hz
          4 instrument works
          The vibrating screen adopts the advanced integrated circuit control, the operation is simple and convenient. It is a large amount of sieve, adjustable amplitude, sieve head marked with scales
          The effective amplitude is visually observed.
          Block diagram shown in Figure 1, the external structure shown in Figure 2.
          The main body of the vibrating screen is an electronically controlled electromagnet having a sub-screen (up to 8, each 50 mm high)
          Of the vibration plate. The electronically controlled electromagnet will vibrate at 3000 vibrations per minute (50 Hz) or 6000 vibrations per minute (100 Hz)
          To the vibrating plate. The vibrating plate is fixed with a sorting screen, a screen plate and a sieve head. The amplitude of the whole sieve column can pass through the electricity
          The sub-controller changes from 0 to about 3 mm and the sieving time can be adjusted from 3 to 60 minutes by the timer.

          Vibration screen with "subtle", "intermittent", "continuous" three controllers:
          "FINE": The vibrating screen vibrates at a fixed low amplitude and at a frequency of 6000 times per minute (100 Hz). This working state is available
          Analysis of fine screens (especially wet sieving).
          "Intermittent": The vibrating screen vibrates at a desired amplitude of 3000 vibrations per minute (50 Hz) per minute,
          Period can be set through the potentiometer to 3s to 10s, pause time of about 1.5s, to prevent the screen and the resonance between the material, shortening the screen